Hours of Operation:
Wednesday 2:00pm-4pm
Saturday 10:00am-12pm

Delaware Valley Food Pantry

Our Mission

Delaware Valley Food Pantry is the largest and longest serving food pantry in the Lambertville/New Hope region – feeding families since 1955. The pantry helps over 1,000 people a month who are in need of food. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and supported by the community and donations. Our devoted team of volunteers offers a warm welcome to all who walk through our door.

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How You Can Help

Learn about the various options to help Delaware Valley Food Pantry with donations.

Recent News

  • Delaware Valley Food Pantry is back home
    The Delaware Valley Food Pantry (DVFP) is once again serving its clients at 1 Cherry St., Lambertville, N.J. It’s been a challenging two years, but the Delaware Valley Food Pantry (DVFP) is finally back at home serving its clients at the CVS Shopping Center in Lambertville. When COVID hit the community in March 2020 the pantry moved its operations outdoors and served itsContinue reading “Delaware Valley Food Pantry is back home”
  • Delaware Valley Food Pantry Honors Retiring Treasurer Sherry Krakos
    The Delaware Valley Food Pantry is proud to honor Sherry Krakos for her 21 years of selfless service as treasurer, and congratulate her on her retirement. Find out more about other news and changes at DVFP.
  • DVFP Thanks Donors for Helping Homeless Flood Victims
    The Delaware Valley Food Pantry Board wishes to thank all of the donors that gave so generously to aid the people rendered homeless by the flood on September 1. Due to their generosity, the Delaware Valley Food Pantry Board was able to donate $50,000 to the Lambertville Emergency Fund. With these funds, each of the families that lost their homes at the VillageContinue reading “DVFP Thanks Donors for Helping Homeless Flood Victims”
  • Hurricane Ida
    Senator Cory Booker Visits DVFP After Hurricane Ida Devastates Lambertville Thank you to Senator Cory Booker for visiting Delaware Valley Food Pantry yesterday during his tour of Lambertville after the storm. Beginning Wednesday, September 8th, due to electrical issues from the flood, Delaware Valley Food Pantry will be temporarily relocating (during normal pantry hours). Due to our temporary move, we are not takingContinue reading “Hurricane Ida”

Become a Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the operations and administration of the food pantry. Ideal candidates must have a sincere appreciation for all people – that is who we serve. We need people willing to devote the time to carry out their responsibilities. 

As we grow, our volunteer needs have also grown. In addition to needing volunteers that help our clients shop in the pantry, we also need drivers, movers, and stockers. We also seek help in other areas that include writing, social media, publicity, statistics, accounting, and fundraising. 

Generally volunteers work 2-5 hours per week. Some volunteer positions may be done remotely. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the Delaware Valley Food Pantry Volunteer Application.

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